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The Scout and his family play the foundational part of the Scouting movement.  Your involvement in his development is critical to the success of the program.  In the beginning (particularly if your scout starts in first grade as a Tiger), your scout will need you by his side helping him complete his activities.  As he grows, his dependence on you will change from a direct support role to more of a guide as he moves into fifth grade and starts preparing for Boy Scouts.

Parents, siblings and extended family play an important role in the pack.  Your son’s progress along the scouting trail is highly dependent on your support.  We will ask every parent – including you – to help the pack in some capacity with our activities.  Pack 982 highly recommends that all parents/adults take Youth Protection Training which is available anytime online at


Every scout begins his journey along the scouting trail as a member of a den corresponding to his grade level.  First graders and their adult partners join the Pack as Tiger Scouts.  Second graders join as Wolves.  Third graders come in as Bears.  Fourth graders join as Webelos Scouts.  Fifth graders join as Arrow of Light candidates.  Boys may join the Pack at any point in elementary school.  They will be aligned by age and grade and start working on the requirements for the specific level.  Regardless of their grade, all new scouts must first complete the requirements for Bobcat.  The Bobcat requirements teach the basic principles of Cub Scouts—the Scout Promise and Law, the Scout sign, the handshake, the Scout salute, the Cub Scout motto and what Webelos means.

Scouts are grouped by age/grade into units called Dens.  Dens are comprised of 5-12 scouts, each with a trained Den Leader and Assistant Den Leader.  Den Leaders and Assistant Den Leaders are adult volunteers that have completed Youth Protection Training and the Rank Specific Training at a minimum.  In some cases, Pack 982’s Den Leaders are former scouts, may have older children that have already gone through the program, or are first time leaders excited to share scouting with the world.  From time to time, Den Leaders may ask parents to help with activities within the Den.

Wolf through Arrow of Light dens will have a Boy Scout from a local Boy Scout Troop acting as a Den Chief to provide assistance to the den leaders and help set the example for what will be required of the boys when they reach Boy Scouts.  These boys will have completed Den Chief training and have already earned the rank of First Class with their troop.

If there are more than 10 scouts per grade level, the Pack may split the boys into multiple dens of the same rank.

Dens meet a minimum of twice a month.  Den meetings are typically held at Balls Bluff Elementary School on the first and third Thursdays of the month.  Den leaders will plan meetings in order for the scouts to work together and engage in activities suitable for their age group.  Also, by breaking into dens, the scouts are able to accomplish more than they traditionally would in a larger group.

As scouts change grades, they move up to the next level during the Crossover ceremony at the end of the school year.

Tigers -> Wolves -> Bears -> Webelos 1 -> Arrow of Light -> Boy Scouts


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