The following are just a few of the common questions we get asked. If your question is not answered below, please email us from the Contact Us page.

When do you meet?

We meet on the First and Third Thursday of the month.  We also try to have at least one extra pack activity a month.  See the "Contact Us" page for the location (and even a handy map)

What about girls?

You bet!  Your daughter is just as welcome at our pack as is your son. Cub Scouting is a family affair!

What about uniforms?

Our pack is a "Belt Up" Pack. That means that your son or daughter wears the cub scout shirt, belt, neckerchief, slide, and cap, but can wear jeans if they wish.

Do I have to buy the uniform?

Yes. Parents are asked to purchase the uniforms. They are available at the Leesburg Hobby store, downtown  Leesburg.  See the Quickstart Guide on our "About us" page.

May I help?

Yes!!!!  We are very grateful to the parents, siblings, and friends who help out.  Ways you can help include:

  • Coordinating an event (like a parade)
  • Helping us with our newsletter
  • Helping the den leaders with activities

....and so much more.  Talk to a leader at the next den meeting and let them know what you are interested in.