Hello all;

Well, it has been another amazing start of the new year for Pack 982.  There are so many incredible, unforgettable moments I think about and am so proud of all of our scouts.  From the fun we had in the July 4th parade, to pool day, to Gettysburg (see the pics in our gallery - Pack 982 on the Move) to selling popcorn, to service projects - my, we have been busy!

I am truly looking forward to the coming year. We have some amazing things planned for the cubs - from parades to campouts to historic trips.  This year promises to be a fun, and very full year for Pack 982.

I want to extend thanks. Firstly to Michael Geraghty without whose endless hard work we would not be a pack, and certainly not such a great one. Michael is the heart and soul of Pack 982, and we are so privileged and honored to have him.

Next to all of the amazing den leaders, assistant leaders and our wonderful den Chiefs.  Their hard work, planning, and efforts this year ensure that the scouts have had a great, fun year.

Next to the parents. You are simply amazing. From helping with every event, coordinating outings, campouts, and trips to leading with advancement. Without your help, we simply could not do what we do, and the scouts, as well as I thank you so much for your help.

Finally to the scouts... without your endless energy, enthusiasm, and great humor the pack would be lifeless - you really bring it alive!  I thank you all for your help this year, for mentoring the younger scouts, and for always finding the fun in whatever we do (even on a rainy campout and cooking under awnings!).

I wish everyone a great holiday season (can you believe it is almost November?  Where did the time go?) I look forward to seeing you with our Christmas activities (check out the events page).

Truly - to everyone: THANK YOU!


Terry Elvers