Popcorn Sales!


Leaders & Parents,

As you know, this is the main fundraising effort for our pack, and with all of our help we can continue to do amazing things with the scouts in the coming year.

We are having an amazing year selling popcorn and we would like to take a moment and thank everyone who has done a wagon sale or participated in a Popcorn Show and Sell event.

Thanks to your efforts, we have exceeded our goal. And we still have several Popcorn Show and Sell events remaining. We still have a LOT of inventory - and we need to sell it. The Show and Sells have been a great, fun way to be involved, and the wagon sales are a great way to get out, meet the neighbors, and make new friends. Please participate.

We are in the homestretch now, and with a few weeks left, we need you to help your Pack sell popcorn!